links for 2009-01-07

  • One of the best reviews of the Keynote i've read today. Clever looks on and the $50 matte screen on the 17" Macbook Pro, the latter a whine common in the interwebs along with the non-removable battery. If it really lasts 1000 cycles its a non-issue, my MBP 15" battery started to decline when it passed the 350 cycles (which was after one and a half year of daily fully emptying and recharging, sometimes more than once per day). And the 8 hour (5 or 6 hours in normal usage) battery life rocks! Now, Apple, can I have this new technology on a new battery for my legacy MBP?
  • The Macalope nails it. It wasn't a GREAT keynote, but it was good enough. People are just too influenced by rumor mongers and get their expectations too high. Though i'd still have liked to see a new MacMini!

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